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Milton "Millitron" Reebka is a Gomalanian man who serves Ganon; he also happens to be the only one of Ganon's minions who doesn't die on a regular basis. He hates Koridians and Koreans and is a suspect in the death of Kim Jong-Il. Ganon dislikes him due to his racism, but tolerates him because he is more competent than most of his other minions.



Millitron transports the King.

Millitron was born as Milton Reebka in 1938. He grew to love fire and became one of the most renowned metalworkers in all of Hyrule, then decided to join Ganon so he could participate in Ganon's attack on Koridai. Link destroyed his armor, and he missed the invasion of Gamelon while he was building a replacement. Millitron eventually realized that Ganon was incompetent, so he betrayed Ganon and killed Hectan. He then started a taxi service, but wound up offending most of his passengers with racist rants. He also ran over Impa once, making Weegee his enemy.



Millitron without his armor.

Youtube Poop See how Militron captures Ganon

Youtube Poop See how Militron captures Ganon

Well done, Millitron!

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