Moon Luigi
Moon Luigi founding his new nation on the Moon.
Vital statistics
Occupation Dictator
Name Moon Luigi
Age 48 (as of his assassination)
Appearances The moon
Friends Moon rocks
Enemies He is a sworn enemy of everyone on earth

The pures

Hometown The Moon
Relatives Luigi
Favorite Things The Moon
Embodied Personalities None

Moon Luigi (1969-2017-present) is a moon form of Luigi, who hibernates in some hole on the moon. He likes the moon, and he dislikes the sun and 3/4 of Uranus. He is the dictator of and only person living on the moon. He was assassinated in 2017 by Moonman but didn't die. It is presumed that he will eventually die to asphyxiation since the moon doesn't have any air.


Moonwalk 791701c

One of the leaked images clearly showing Luigi in the reflection in Neil's helmet.

Moon Luigi was created during the American moon landing in 1969 when Luigi took the first step on on the moon. While Luigi ended up returning to Earth, Moon Luigi ran away from Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and stayed on the moon. In 1972, Moon Luigi, who now had a large country with a population of one, started masturbating using moon rocks, which he then threw at any incoming spaceship. This is why nobody ever came back to the moon.



Flag of the Third Leich; Moon Luigi's country on the Moon.

The United States did not want to be embarrassed by this Moon mission fiasco, so they photoshopped Moon Luigi out of everything, but in 2016 Lizard Man leaked the hidden videos and pictures proving that Moon Luigi was still alive on the moon.

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