Mac "Moonman" Tonight
Mac Tonight
Mac Tonight
Vital statistics
Occupation Mascot, Rapper, Soldier
Name Mac "Moonman" Tonight
Age 66
Appearances Ads
Friends Not Ganon
Enemies Forms
Hometown Nazi Germany
Relatives Wibzod IX
Favorite Things McDonald's and KKK
Embodied Personalities Adolf Hitler
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"I put n---ers underground without a sound" – Moonman

Mac "Moonman" Tonight is a racist man wearing a moon-mask. He used to be a mascot for McDonalds.


Mac Tonight was born in 1952 in Nazi Germany. In 1986 he became the official mascot for McDonalds, appearing in ads in which he wears black sunglasses and plays the piano to a song based on "Mack the Knife". During this time he began experimenting with racist rap music and he eventually joined the KKK. In 1989, Dodd Darin sued McDonalds for copyright infringement and they had to stop showing the Moonman ads. After this incident he joined the KKK full-time and founded the band he calls the Triple-K Mafia with other memers. He fought for the pures during the Form Wars and was sent on a mission to the Moon to assassinate Moon Luigi. He succeeded, but before he could leave the Moon, he was captured and imprisoned by the racist-hating Ganon. As of the war's end, he was still incarcerated in Ganon's Moon Prison. He was killed by Wibzod, Wibzod II, Wibzod III, Wibzod IV, and maybe Various home appliances.


Moonman has released many songs through his life, as the McDonald's mascot and with the Triple-K Mafia. His musical career began in 1986 and lasted until he enlisted to fight in the Form Wars in 2014.


Title Release
WhiteTopia 2015


Title Release
Hypnotize 2015
Killing Ni--ers 2015
"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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