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The poster for the movie.

Morshu's Shop of Horrors

Morshu's Shop of Horrors

Some parts of the movie along with some deleted scenes.

Morshu's Shop of Horrors is a horror film based off of Morshu Mart. The movie involves Morshu kidnapping and/or murdering anyone who tried to buy anything at his store. The film is set to be released in theaters on 10-13-17, which also happens to be on a Friday.


The story of Morshu's Shop of Horrors begins when Ganon casts an evil spell on Morshu, causing him to kill anyone who gets near him. He decides to hide in Morshu Mart, where he tries to resist the spell. He murders multiple people as well as Link himself. Gwonam then discovers about what happened and found out Ganon gave Morshu AIDS. The story ends when Eegeew removes the virus from him, and Ganon was sentenced to the pit.


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