Morshu game

Morshu is a game created by King Harkinian for the Atari 2600 that is a bestseller among the dweeb community.


Morshu just became pope, much to Ned Flanders's chagrin. Thus, Flanders steals everything from his shop, and Morshu has to go through all of Hyrule to look for it.


Everyone hated it, except for dweebs. In fact, it was so bad, it allowed the NES to take over gaming. It was once reviewed by Angry Video Game Nerd, and it made the AVGN consider suicide, but then he decided he needed to critique more games. 


There was one that was much better than the original, called Morshu 2: The Quest to Defeat Ned Flanders...Again. The original was also remade on the NES and Philips CD-i.


Only to dweebs.

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