Morshy Burger is a food restaurant (not to be confused with other types of restaurant) founded by Morshu himself as a side project. It is operated by Beavis and Butthead.


Located about 50 feet behind Gwonam's house in Hermit Flat, Koridai, it was established in 2014 by Morshu as a side project in collaboration with Awful B. Bad to expand beyond his primary Morshu Mart business. Despite having both Beavis and Butthead operating it, it was actually a big success, so much so that two new locations where opened in Gamelon and Gerudo Valley.

In early 2015, Gwonam broke into the restaurant and stole some already-cooked lampburgers, which he then tried to pass off to King Harkinian as an old Koridian recipe made by his family. This led to an investigation by the Hyrule City Police Department, during which it was soon discovered that all the lampburgers where actually stolen McDonald's burgers. McDonald's and its products were highly illegal in Hyrule at the time, and Morshu initially received the blame for the crime. However, he denied the accusation and told the police that Awful B. Bad was the one who stole the burgers, as part of a scam he had been working for 22 years in hope to pay the damages he caused to the disabled wheelchair kids. Now that the scammer was finally arrested for good, the restaurant closed its doors permanently and Morshu hasn't ventured beyond the retail business since.


The menu is listed in the walls of the restaurant.

  • Morshy Burger (Which where actually stolen burgers from McDonalds, just with a lamp inserted in) - 40 rupees
  • Extra Morshy Burger - 60 rupees
  • Ultra Instinct Morshy Burger - 90 rupees
  • Ultimate Supreme Morshy Burger (Limited edition) - 999 rupees
  • Morshy Junior Pack - 20 rupees
    • Small Morshy Burger
    • Small Rope Fries
    • Special toy
  • Rope Fries
    • Small - 10 rupees
    • Medium - 15 rupees
    • Big - 20 rupees
  • Bomb Rings - 10 rupees
  • Koridai Soda (Which is actually literal piss)
    • Small - 2 rupees
    • Medium - 3 rupees
    • Big - 6 rupees


  • Tari once visited it at some point and thinks the burgers are identical to McDonald's burgers, same as King Harkinian, except he is oblivious of this and felt that Gwonam's "old family repice" burgers are similar to Morshy Burgers.
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