Movieshu in 1993


August 1, 1909 Koridai,Hyrule


April 1, 2010 (aged 100) Koridon,Eluryh

Death Type


Mitchell van Schmitz (19092010) was a famous movie director and actor, as well as the uncle of Morshu Schmitz. He adopted the name Movieshu when he became an extra in Mah Boi in the City 2: The King from the Grey Swamp, but the movie that made him famous was The Birth of Weegee, which ruthlessly mocked the titular character. Weegee hired various people to kill Movieshu for this, but none even came close until Beavhead finally succeeded in 2010. Movieshu won numerous OAHscar awards throughout his career and founded Hyrule Cinema in 1986. He actually had a very good understanding of modern culture, and he was even buried with an iPad in his hands. He aged gracefully, didn't have any grey hairs until the 1970's, and retired from film-making shortly after his 100th birthday. He also made some YouTube Poops in his final years, and he is rumored to have invented Windows Movie Maker.


The Morshu Movie (2)

The Morshu Movie (2)

Movieshu's first poop.

  • Mah Boi in the City 5: We Gotta Stop Making These (1953)
  • The Birth of Weegee (1961)
  • And You Gotta Help Us (1964)
  • Dinner in teh Mornin' (1967)
  • Shupa Malleo Brudahs (1974)
  • Shupa Malleo Brudahs: Teh Seekwehl (1986)
  • Hiatus: The Movie (1994)
  • Later Still (2002)
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