Ulbricht Renaldo Meen
Mr Clipboard Foodfight!

Mr Clipboard Foodfight!

Can you see the resemblance?
Vital statistics
Occupation Salesman.
Name Ulbricht Renaldo Meen
Age 49 years.
Appearances You're better off not knowing.
Friends Uwe Boll.
Enemies I.M. Meen, Nostalgia Critic.
Hometown Modomai, Gamelon.
Relatives Froschnudel Meen, grandfather. Ignatius Mortimer Meen, father. Ophelia Chill, mother.
Favorite Things Nazism, disco.
Embodied Personalities None.

Ulbricht Renaldo Meen (1964–2013) is the Gamelonian-American son of I.M. Meen and Ophelia Chill.



Mr. Clipboard is Staying Alive

U.R. Meen became addicted to weed in his teenage years, causing his nervous system to go haywire, and became a neo-Nazi, causing his Jewish father to kick him out. He then went to Earth and started trying to sell bad food to supermarkets, calling himself "Mr. Clipboard." He turned out to be an utter failure at this, but then Uwe Boll offered him money to make animated movies. Fortunately, he only made one before the Nostalgia Critic killed him.


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