Muigi "Meegee" Lario
Toon Meegee
Vital statistics
Occupation Murderer.
Name Muigi "Meegee" Lario
Age Anywhere from 30 to 30 billion years.
Appearances  ???
Friends Lario, Paizeh
Enemies Luigi, Mario
Hometown  ?
Relatives *Lario, brother
Favorite Things Tacos, according to Un-Anything Wiki
Embodied Personalities Meegee, Gay Muigi

Muigi (or Meegee) is a relative of Weegee who turned into a Luigi-lookalike, except he wears red clothes. He likes to hang around Squidward's house, but this caused him to become Squeegee. He once looked at King Harkinian and turned him into Harkeegee. Now Muigi just wanders around the gates of the Mushroom Kingdom, eating zombie flesh.

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