King Koopa observes as the gay (left) and stupid/fat (right) armies face off.

The Mushroom Civil War was a civil war that occurred in the Mushroom Kingdom in the early 1990s.


In 1990, Ludwig von Koopa and Larry Koopa decided to undermine the Mushroom Kingdom's ability to continue fighting the Mushroom War by exploiting disagreements among its population. To that end, they painted a bunch of gay Mushroomers red and painted a group of fat Mushroomers blue; these factions would evolve into the Homosexual Organization of Gay Friends and the Stupid Organization of Unintelligent People (SOUP), respectively. While filming an episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Brooklyn Mario and Mama Luigi failed to convince the gays and the fat people to disobey Ludwig and Larry Koopa's orders and discuss peace terms. Luckily, just before the two sides could engage in battle, Fat Mario and Gay Luigi appeared and insulted the Koopalings into submission.

As it turned out, however, this was not enough to avert war. King Harkinian, who happened to be having suicidal feelings at the time due to an ongoing economic crisis in Hyrule, decided to get himself killed by going to the Mushroom Kingdom and publicly insulting Princess Toadstool in an epic rant. The King expected the Princess to have him arrested and summarily executed, but a majority of the Mushroomers who heard his speech agreed with him. The King had also used numerous anti-gay slurs against the Princess, however, and most members of the Homosexual Organization of Gay Friends took offense to this. Thus, conflict subsequently broke out between the two groups, with SOUP rebelling against the royalist government while the Gay Friends fought on behalf of the Princess.

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