Mushroom kingdom flag c by glodraz-d3kxqje

The Mushroom Republic's flag.

The Mushroom Republic is a nation that was founded after the collapse of the Mushroom Kingdom in 2020. It is currently an economic powerhouse on Plit and is under the presidency of Luigi. Unlike its predecessor, it maintains good relations with the Koopa Kingdom.


Luigi meets with United States President --Rand Paul--

Luigi meets with United States President Rand Paul

The Mushroom Republic was founded after the Mushroom Revolution saw the Toadstool family overthrown and Princess Toadstool killed. With that, the people of the Mushroom Kingdom had their first election and Luigi was elected as the President. However, Luigi began to abuse his power and became a dictator. Soon, most positions of power in the country were reserved for friends and relatives of Luigi and his wife, Daisy. The Mushroom People didn't really care, as they were still far better off under Luigi than they were under the Toadstools. Luigi and Daisy's successors were far less competent, however, which would eventually result in the establishment of a true democracy in 2588.

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