"NO U" is a phrase you can use to negate a statement made about you and transfer its effects to the person who said it. For example, if your power level is high enough, saying it in response to "you must die" will result in the instant death of whoever told you to die. For maximum effectiveness, it must be said or written in all capital letters.



Fat Mario gives reasons why "NO U" should be copyright claimed.

During the 1996 presidential campaign, the vice presidential candidates—Fat Mario and Al Gore—debated each other over pressing issues such as welfare, gun control, and foreign aid to Dinosaur World. Gore made many critical comments about Fat Mario's positions on policy, and Fat Mario responded to each of them by saying this phrase. As a result, Mario easily won the debate and Gore descended into insanity. Other people, such as Gwonam, have claimed credit for inventing the phrase, but the Writewell Society still attributes it to Fat Mario. "NO U" remains a popular tool in political discussions, although its effectiveness has declined as its usage has become more widespread. Rumor has it that the Enclosed Instruction Book has a whole page on how to use it as a spell.



NO U is too OP plz nerf!!!

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