Yob ham

Yob ham, this war is what all true peacekeepers strive to!

Nainikrah Harkinian (19622021) is John Harkinian's evil younger half-brother, though to be fair, his parents were kind of asking for it when they named him. As the leader and founder of HEVS, he bends on working against The King to defeat him. He also merged HEVS with P.I.N.G.A.S, due to both being at least partially ran by both Dr. Robotnik and himself.


Nainikrah had a difficult childhood, largely because he was wrongly diagnosed with mental retardation when he couldn't spell his name. He was always jealous of his older brother John, who beat Nainikrah up whenever Nainikrah tried attacking him. John became king of Hyrule when Nainikrah was 14, and this made Nainikrah so angry he founded HEVS, an organization devoted to killing The King. He was betrayed and killed by Evil Link in 2021.


Nainikrah wears a lot of blue and likes green stuff, like his goblet. He also has a grey moustache and silver-blue hair. He is also a little short.

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