Not to be confused for Manowg.
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Namowg is the identical twin brother of Gwonam. He wears dark purple clothes and a magenta turban. He also wears a green belt and likes playing kickball using the Earth. His name is "Gwoman" backwards.

Separated from his brother at birth, Namowg reunited with Gwonam at old age when, in November 2012, Gwonam suffered a heart attack after King Harkinian frightened him. He has taken up residence somewhere in the kingdom of Hyrule. His exact place of residence is unknown as he prefers to be secluded from most people.

He is a member of Gwonam's race, which gives him special supernatural powers and abilities. He has demonstrated the ability of moving extremely fast. He could possibly posess abilities that only Gwonam has been seen performing. However, this is not comfirmed.

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