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This is North Korea's cool flag.

North Korea is a country that is at odds with Hyrule. It was founded by 1945 by Kim Il-sung and is today ran by his brain damaged grandson, Kim Jong-un.


Just before World War II, Japan took over Korea and maintained control of it until 1945. After that, Korea was split between the American controlled South Korea and the Soviet controlled North Korea. South Korea became very capitalistic while North Korea became a Communist dictatorship under the rule of Kim Il-sung.

In 1994, Kim Il-sung died and his son, Kim Jong-il, became the leader until 2011 when he died. Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il's son, then took control of North Korea. He is still the leader today.


  • North Korea has nukes.
  • Their leader is very fat.
  • Dem commies!
  • Did i mention that their leader is fat?
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