Ophelia Chill
Chill in 1995.
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Name Ophelia Chill
Age 69 years.
Appearances Chill Manor
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Hometown Libary
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Ophelia Chill (1942–2011), retired gum manufacturer, is someone who likes writing misinformations in The Enclosed Instruction Book (as seen below). She is very perverted, and often talks about sexual items. She is the mother of Mr. Clipboard and may also be the mother of Jay Leno. She seems to have divorced I.M. Meen, mainly because her name should be Ophelia Meen. She appears in Chill Manor. She was trapped by children, but Meen rescued her.


Mrs. Chill.png

King Harkinian and Link found out about Chill's existence when she broke I.M. Meen out of a Hylian prison in 2011, confirming that Meen was not gay. Worried, Link killed Chill in order to keep anyone else from finding out that Meen was not a homosexual.



Chill Manor Win

Meen at the end of Chill Manor.

  • "Nice try gent ape egg! But it looks like my Mendemheims got a better of you! You metter in my oln bears long enough! I'm erasing you from history once and for all! Aaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!"
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