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Orange Yoshi is a strange Yoshi and is the enemy and twin brother of Blue Yoshi.


Early Life

Orange Yoshi was born to an unnamed Blue Yoshi in 1963. He was the twin brother of the infamous Blue Yoshi. When the Templars tried to adopt Orange Yoshi, Orange Yoshi flipped them off and ate the adoption form. He then ran away, and was found by Golden Yoshi in 1965. Orange Yoshi befriended Yellow Yoshi at a very early age.

Starting at 1969, Orange Yoshi received a basic education on things like photosynthesis, the Moon, Simon Templar, and car tires. While he never got a proper education, he did learn that Simon Templar had already corrupted his twin brother from the inside out.

Rivalry with Blue Yoshi

Alongside his fake brother Yellow Yoshi, Orange Yoshi worked against Simon Templar and Blue Yoshi. In 1991, when Nintendo hired him for the role of a secondary protagonist in Super Mario World, Orange Yoshi took this opportunity to try and convince Blue Yoshi to move off of the path of evil. Unfortunately, it was too late. Orange Yoshi did, however, earn 100,000 Gold coins from this career.

Over the next two decades, Orange Yoshi made several (failed) assassination attempts on both Simon Templar and Blue Yoshi. A notable attempt was in 2009, when Orange Yoshi hired Dozbiw with a salary of 9002 Rupees to scare Morshu into paying King Harkinian and Zelda to fake their own deaths in an attempt to kill Blue Yoshi via a failed suicide attempt of Link. Unfortunately, this backfired and Yoshkins died. Dozbiw continued assisting Orange Yoshi for three more years.

Later, in 2014, Orange Yoshi paid Dozbiw to persuade Wibzod to trick Mama Luigi into starting the Form Wars as an extremely desperate attempt to kill both Blue Yoshi and Simon Templar. The next year, Simon Templar died from a completely unrelated cause.

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