Osama bin Gwonam is the half-brother of Gwonam and Namowg. He is most famous for being the founder and leader of the Koridian terrorist group Squad Allah (which he inspired this to Al-Qaeda of Osama bin Laden when he was was member to the latter). Rumors say that he could be the cousin to bin Laden.



This is where terrorists are born.

Osama bin Gwonam was born in 1933 to Gwonam al-Fari, Sr. and Samantha al-Fari in the world's shabbiest house. He dropped out of school at age 8 and went in favor of studying philosophy. However, his screwed-up mind misinterpreted the good book, and began going on stupid rampages. He once even blew up a restaurant over a soda! He later captured Edna Krabbapel for no reason. After that, he founded Squad Allah, a terrorist organization bent on killing the king. Gwonam quickly informed him. As a result, King Dinnerem bombed Koridai.


When he dressed as Gwonam so as not to look suspicious, Fat Mario and Mama Luigi noticed him and killed him.

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