Wumbology College

The college.

Patrick Star Wumbology College is a college in the middle of Nowhere. It teaches Wumbology subjects like poopisms, poop history, and poop science. It has over 9,000 students and is run, of course, by Patrick Star, who established the school in 1985.


In 1982, Wumbology enthusiast King Harkinian passed the Wumbology Education Enhancement Dealio Act. Hurricane Zelda had recently destroyed the only Wumbology university in Hyrule, so the bill mandated the construction of a new one. Patrick Star ultimately won the contract to build the new school; as he planned to carry out construction himself using whatever junk he could find lying around in the desert, his bid was the lowest by far. He apparently made the building out of his own body parts, which would explain why it is pink.

Famous Students


  • Patrick Star was the first student to enroll at this school because he didn't know what Wumbology was.
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