The Pinchback War was a war fought between Hyrule and Gannonan from 1977 to 1978. While not a particularly large-scale conflict, it is notable for being the first war involving Hyrule during the reign of King Harkinian.

The War

By the time of King Harkinian's coronation in 1976, the strange creatures known as pinchbacks had grown in numbers to the point that they threatened to cause famine throughout Hyrule by eating and destroying crops. Harkinian wanted to solve the problem and weaken Ganon at the same time, so one of his first official acts as the king of Hyrule was to decree that all pinchbacks would be shipped across the ocean to the continent of Gannonan. This strategy backfired when Ganon decided to invade Hyrule just to get away from the pests, and the King was forced to gather Hyrule's armies to fight Ganon's minions when they landed in Koridon. The King eventually won, and Ganon was forced to return to Gannonan. The final battles of the war were so intense that the King forgot to eat dinner, driving him into a temporary state of insanity during which he founded the Communazis.

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