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Snooping as usual I see (Pingas Scene) Remake HD

Snooping as usual I see (Pingas Scene) Remake HD

"Pingas" is a word that actually has many definitions.


"Pingas" most often refers to Dr. Robotnik's genitalia; in this context, estimates of its size range from 39½ to 9,000 feet (it is unclear whether these numbers describe length or surface area). The latter number was claimed by Robotnik himself, though, so take it with a grain of salt. Other uses of the word include:


Robotnik first invented pingas in 1992 when he told Scratch and Grounder, "Snooping as usual I see!" He then got the idea to create a Pingas Machine which he would use to destroy Bratislava. He then began to market his pingas to everyone, which concerned everyone. It was illegalized in 2011.


Pingas has many uses in things, such as:

People Who Like Pingas


Peruvians love pingas. O_0

People Who Don't Like Pingas

The Pingasthinker

(Not) Robotnik thinking about pingas.

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