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Pingas MMMMusic is an entity founded by Morshu and Dr. Robotnik in the 70's. It created music primarily out of the humming and saying the word "pingas." It is the number one band in Hyrule.

Origins (1969–1972)

Super Morshu Land 2 Overworld

Super Morshu Land 2 Overworld

An early Pingas MMMusic song.

Morshu and Dr. Robotnik met in 1969, and found out later they were great verbal musicians. They decided to sing songs out of "MMM" and "Pingas," and they released their first record, "This Video Contains MMM," as a single in 1971. Although it would not be released on YouTube until 2011, it was a hit, ensuring that more MMM and Pingas would follow.

Golden Era (1972–1980)


Their self-titled debut album, released in 1972.

In 1972, the next song, called "Pingas Roll," was released. This was followed by 617 songs including "Pingasin' in the Wind," and "Gourmet Race." They eventually hit their peak in 1977, releasing 88 songs that year and getting 80,085 record hits a day, or over 2.4 million hits a month. By the late 70's, however, they began to go downhill.

Tensions (1980–1984)



The dreaded Pingas roll.

As early as January 3, 1980, Dr. Robotnik complained about there being more MMMM songs than Pingas songs, and they began to drift further apart, making fewer songs. In 1980, they were selling 1.6 million records a month. By 1982, this had dropped to less than 300,000. Finally, by 1984, they were selling only 13,320 records a month. This was due to lack of cooperation in the group.

Breakup and Spinoffs (1984–2009)

In 1984, the group finally split apart and worked seperately, one being Pingas Music and the other being MMMMusic of Morshu. Both basically bombed; Pingas Music was either to loud or too quiet to work, and sounded gay, and MMMMusic was also annoying and lost its good touch, since "bombs" and "rope" didn't mix well with "MMMM." Both sold no more than 400 records a month.

Re-Cooperation (2009–present)



The first song by the "new" Pingas MMMMusic.

In 2009, Morshu and Dr. Robotnik decided to re-cooperate so they would do better. They released "Epic Win" and it sold over 22,000 downloads/views a month. This wasn't exactly great, which may have been due to the addition of Brooklyn Mario to the group. They are currently working on a new album called "MMMMr Pingas" which will be released in 2021. There is still a good chance they may separate again.

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