Pingastan is a large country that formed in the late 3200s in Mobius. It's infamously known for its constant propaganda, mostly against King Harkinian. Its native language is Pinganese.


Pingastan was founded by Dr. Robotnik during the time he took control of Mobius and after he defeated Sonic.

Known inhabitants


  • Wumbology is a known religion of Pingastan.
  • Tennis is a popular sport in Pingastan, including table tennis.
    • Waluigi is a known tennis player in Pingastan, though he was deported to Pingastan by King Harkinian since he's an alleged "Italian" war criminal.
  • The national animal of Pingastan is the penguin.
  • The national fruit of Pingastan is the eggplant.
  • King Harkinian built a border wall around it to prevent Dr. Robotnik from invading any part of Hyrule or any Pinganese propaganda.
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