One region of Plit.

Plit is a planet home to many intelligent species, including the Koopas and Yoshies. It's about eight times the size of Earth and its sun will sometimes move in to attack random people. And you thought Eluryh was a weird place to live.



Civilization began on Plit around 9000 BC when the Koopas established agriculture in a fertile volcanic region. Thousands of years later, the racist and authoritarian Mushroom Kingdom emerged and tried to copy the Koopa techniques, to little success, although they still did better than the Kremlings, who ended up ruining their home continent. In the 7th century, the Mushrooms began encroaching on their neighbors' land, subjugating seven kingdoms and driving four more into the alliance which would later be known as Sarasaland. By 1985, the Mushrooms felt advanced enough to declare open war on their enemy. As usual, they were wrong, but they were saved from total destruction by the arrival of Mario and Luigi, who brought Plit into contact with Earth.

The war soon spread to the rest of Plit and only subsided when Falle and his armies assaulted the planet during the Form Wars. A year after the Koopas defeated Falle, the Poopocalypse reached the world and the troll hordes of Mays Billy killed most of the Mushroom leaders. The Koopas were able to repel the trolls before signing a lasting truce with Luigi, bringing faster economic and technological progress to Plit. Evil Link tried to take over Plit in 2024, and while he crushed the armies of Wart in Shyguyland, the Koopas put an end to Link's campaign. In spite of occasional conflicts between the Koopas and Yoshies and an attack by Weegees, Plit was more peaceful than Earth or Eluryh in later times.

People who tried to take over Plit and obviously failed in the attempt

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