Poland is a country that is alive. Unfortunately for him, he has a horrible life. He was taken hostage by Nazis, and Communists and today cannot into space. After WWII, the people agreed that Poland was the only country innocent enough to hold the evil Prussia without being corrupted by him.


Poland is very childish and very happy dispite his constant bullying. He is often discribed as innocent even though he was constantly captured by by his neighbors as well as holding Prussia.


It is unknown when Poland was born but King Harkinian claims it was the year 4 AD. In 966, Poland converted to Christianity. In 1815, Poland was taken hostage by the Russians. He managed to escape shortly after World War I. He remains free until the Nazis took him hostage in World War II and was given Prussia after the war followed by being taken hostage by the Communists to take him hostage afterwords. In 1989, he was freed and remains free to this day.


  • The Jewish invented the Bagel in Poland.
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