At the King Harkinian Wiki, there is one thing we strive for: a bunch of random information about King Harkinian, I.M. Meen, Mario, and Scrubs. However, you have to be careful not to screw this wiki up. Anyway, we thank you for editing, and just be sure to follow these rules before you edit.

Irrelevant Articles

Articles not related to King Harkinian are considered among the worst articles.

  • Characters: The article will be OK if the character is a relative of King Harkinian, has met King Harkinian, gives
    CC Harkinian

    CC King.

    stuff to King Harkinian, is known by or knows King Harkinian, if he/she has interacted with (for example, spread the Weegee virus to Harky or gave messages/massages to him), if he was haunted or visited by them, if they helped him or his friends, if they are similar to the king, or are a fusion of him and some other character. Otherwise, make something up to link them to King Harkinian or his friends.
  • Places: The article will be OK if the place has been visited by King Harkinian or his friends, it was seen by King Harkinian, it is known by King Harkinian, or if King Harkinian did something to help or hurt it.
  • Objects: The article will be OK if the object has been used or invented by King Harkinian or his friends, eaten by K and co, or been requested by the gang of Harkinian's friends.
  • Times: The article will be relevant if its subject has something to do with King Harkinian, his home, his friends, the objects, or his YouTube Poops.


Troll Cow

Unholy cow!

We allow absolutely no trolling on this wiki. Trolling can include:

  • Vandalizing the article
    • Editing it to make it say something mean or stupid
    • Editing it to make it too short
    • Editing it and replacing it with random junk
    • Editing it by removing all content
    • Replacing or editing the pictures without approval
  • Saying mean or stupid things on the chat pages or forums
  • Necrobumping
  • Using the theme designer without permission from the administrator(s)
  • Creating blank pages
  • Editing the templates without permission


To ask for permission, just talk to Werdoland or Devingee on their message walls or on the forums.

Other Policy

  • Continuity: Articles should be consistent with each other; ideally, details such as dates, events, and locations should not differ from article to article. Established continuity may be modified, but major changes should not be made without discussion.
  • Profanity: There are no formal restrictions on profane or sexual language on this wiki. However, excessive use of such language is discouraged.
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