Potland coast

Not to be confused with Poland.

Potland is an island to the south of Daiastan and close to Table Tennis Land. It is known for (what else?) the fact that all native plant life there consists of varieties of weed. Unsurprisingly, its society is inept enough to make the Mushroom Kingdom look good.


Only natives and some Daiastanis knew how to get to Potland until the Nostalgia Critic found it in late 2008. Shortly afterward, Link and Gwonam went there to escape the King's wrath.



Squadallah, we're here!

  • Most Daiastani cartographers leave Potland off their maps. This is why the place is so hard to find.
  • Joseph Harkinian traveled to Potland sometime in the 1930s, but nobody, including him, knows how he did it.
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