Bonabelle Bubblegum (2584–2644) is a princess made out of gum. She appears on Adventure Time. She was the proud princess of the Candy Kingdom, where candy people lived. This was a surprisingly prosperous kingdom. She was a fairly good leader, except she was not. She used to be good, but then she decided to be a dictator and kill anyone who opposed her.


Bonabelle was born on June first, 2584. She ate nothing but cereal and bubblegum, to the horror of her parents. After eating them and her siblings, she took the throne. She also formed a rivalry with King Harkinian because she wanted to have Hyrule's land, so she tried to assassinate him. This ended in Link killing her. She was inevitably revived in order to order the Candy Kingdom. She then tried to steal King Harkinian's dinner to get back at him, but this was illegal.


Vanellope Von Schweetz killed her because she wanted more land. The Candy Kingdom became a part of Sugar Rush. You know what they say, what goes around, comes around!

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