Peach Toadstool VIII
Where's the princess?! The princess.
Vital statistics
Occupation Ruler, villain.
Name Peach Toadstool VIII
Age 47 years.
Appearances Most Mario games and shows.
Friends Mario, Daisy, Toad.
Enemies Bowser, King Harkinian, Zelda.
Hometown Toad Town, Mushroom Kingdom.
Relatives Toadstool VII, father. Adolf Hitler, uncle. Stone Luigi II, son.
Favorite Things War, racism, being a dictator.
Embodied Personalities Princess Spaghetti

Peach Toadstool VIII (1967–2020) is a lousy leader who is not a friend of Mario. Zelda hates her, as seen on MAD. She hates King Harkinian, and she once tried to force him and everyone else in Hyrule Castle to go on a diet. The King, of course, had her taken away in response.


Peach Toadstool Hitler was born on September 13, 1967 to Jenny Hitler and King Toadstool VII. She displayed dictatorial tendencies from an early age, and when she was four, she founded Viacom with the goal of controlling all forms of media across the universe. After she became ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, she pretended to love Bowser and even married him. Her plan almost worked; Bowser was executed, but he came back to life, becoming Bowser Head, and Bowser grew a new body.

In 1985, this new Bowser declared full-scale war on the Mushroom Kingdom and captured Toadstool, who was only saved through the intervention of Mario and Luigi. Emboldened, the princess ordered the Mario brothers to invade seven neighboring kingdoms in 1988, escalating the conflict to a global scale. This went on until, a year after the Poopocalypse devastated her kingdom in 2019, Peach was finally deposed and murdered by her subjects and Luigi abolished the monarchy after seizing power. Her corpse was briefly revived as a zombie by Fake King during the Ephedia Civil War in 2025.

Legal Issues


  • "Luigi, take your frog suit!"
  • "Thanks to you two, I can safely rule the Mushroom Kingdom."
  • "You're going on a diet!"
  • "What?!"


Don't be fooled by propaganda like this–you wouldn't want her to lead your country.

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