Prostate Cancer

Link's got prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is not funny. It takes place in the prostate, of course, so it happens in males. There is no known cure in the human version of it, but as for elves, it can be cured by Belgian waffles.

Link Gets Cancer

Youtube Poop - Link Gets Cancer

Youtube Poop - Link Gets Cancer

One time, Link complained about how it burnt when he peed. Zelda told Impa, who used the Triforce of AIDS to determine that Link had prostate cancer. Link wasn't concerned, even if it was advanced. But then Impa told Link he was going to die, to which he responded, "F--k." Fortunately, Gwonam found out that Belgian waffles can cure the disease (at least in elves) and King Harkinian decided to get the waffles out of kindness. Link was given the waffles, and his cancer was cured! Reminder, it works only in elves.

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