Quaker Oat's guy
I'm a man of my word
Vital statistics
Occupation Mascot
Name Quaker Oat's guy
Age 139
Appearances Your cabinet, your kitchen, under your bed
Friends I don't need friends, they disappoint me
Enemies Pringle's Guy
Hometown Merika
Relatives Pringles Guy
Favorite Things Oats, Barley, Oatmeal, Haunting your dreams
Embodied Personalities None

The Quaker Oats Man is a demonic entity who was created via Satanic ritual in 1877, when Quaker Oats was founded. His enemy is the Pringle Dingle, AKA the Pringle's guy.

The King



Whenever someone in Hyrule farts, Quaker Oats Man gains the ability to possess anyone who heard the fart within the next two minutes or so. This hazard has become well known throughout Hyrule, leading to the illegalization of farting in the country. Despite the ban, QOM once managed to possess King Harkinian after Link farted. Luckily, Link managed to defeat him by doing a kamehameha out of his butt.


"My barley's top of the shelf, I'm a man of my word."

"Time to rise and shine..."

Quaker's oats

Quaker's oats

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