Teh ugly barnacle.

Tylda Harkinian is The King's wife. She is the queen of Hyrule and is Impa's daughter.



Youtube Poop Mah Boi (Queen And King)

The king and queen in 1992.


The queen

The Queen In 1992

Tylda Jones was born in Tyampa, Gamelai to Impa Jones and Weegee in 1950. She met King Harkinian in 1976 and married him later that year. However, it didn't take long for her to get tired of the King's drunken antics, and she started cheating on him. She ended up having an affair with Ganon just for the hell of it, and secretly had a son with him. In 1985, she gave birth to Zelda, the only child she had with her husband. She died in 1993, just before Ganon seized Koridai.


  • She has a voice similar to King Harkinian's.
  • She eats off the ground.
  • She loves breakfast.
  • Some say that The Queen is a remodeled version of King Harkinian, only being feminine with a different hair style, facial appearance, lipstick and manicure. Obviously, since she is a female, she has no mustache and beard.
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