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Rand Paul is a Libertarian and President of the United States of America from 2018 to 2026. Under his rule, America did extremely well.


Rand Paul was born to the Libertarian hero Ron Paul, who is a former Representative in the United States House. In 2012, Rand ran for the Senate and won. He then fought to protect the freedom of every American then ran for President in 2016 but dropped out fairly quickly, when Donald Trump won the nomination, he became Trump's running mate but they lost to Patrick Star. Two months later, President Star was impeached for eating being accused of David Cameron, and Trump-Paul won in a landslide victory (not because of Trump, but because Paul was good). Trump became President of the United States and Rand Paul became Vice President of the United States. Four days later, Donald Trump was assassinated at an anti-Mexican/anti-Islam rally by Mr Snrub. Patrick Star was re-elected, but he impeached himself soon after. The next week, Rand Paul was signed in as President of the United States.

Shortly after his election, World War III broke out. Rand Paul decided to leave America out of the war but then they were attacked by North Korea so he entered the war on France's side. After Chuck Norris intervened, he agreed to peace talks with Russia. He was succeeded by Weegee as President in 2026.

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