Raymond Sipe
Shrek is love, Shrek is life.
Vital statistics
Occupation Crazy Senior Fanboy, Creepy guy
Name Raymond Sipe
Age 65
Appearances Youtube Poop, His Youtube channel
Friends Shrek, The Cat in the hat, Drugs
Enemies Lord Farquaad
Hometown Kingman, AZ
Relatives  ???
Favorite Things Dressing as movie characters
Embodied Personalities Shrek, The cat in the hat, Spongebob, Yoda

Raymond Sipe (born July 20th, 1950- 2017[Missing] ) is a psycho 65-year old man who lives alone in a big house in Treasure Coast, Florida.


???- Ray Sipe Serves Up a Storm

???- Ray Sipe Serves Up a Storm

His insanity knows no bounds.

Raymond "Ray" Sipe and his multiple personalities were born on April 26, 1950. He started his career as a cop working for the Kingman Arizona Police Department. Unfortunately, he started a sexual relationship with his secretary and got fired. He sued the police department and supposedly won about 4 million dollars. He then moved to west Florida circa 2005-2010 and appeared to develop insanity or multiple personality disorder, as later in 2010 he started his YouTube channel dressing up and acting as multiple characters. When Bowser surrendered the forms in the form wars, and the Mama Luigi forces seperated. They took a few prisoner, one of them was Ray Sipe. He was last seen in January 2018.


"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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