Red car.

King Harkinian owned and used a red car from 1975 to 2010, not counting parts of 2009 when he drove a Toyota Hybrid and a period after the Hylian Market Crash when he drove an orange car instead. King Harkinian has owned it throughout most of modern YouTube Poop history, as late as the beginning of the Foreground-Background Era, and used it in multiple attempts to kill Sonic. It was finally destroyed when Gwonam intervened in one such battle and shot it down.


The King, about to take flight.

The car is a first-generation Ford Mustang. The King has modified it extensively over the years, adding features like an ejection seat and a propulsion system that allows it to fly. It can also handle extremely rough terrain and can even drive up trees. The King has an air freshener in the car that says "I <3 Dinner."

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