Youtube Poop The Raccoon wouldn't stop asking for favors

Youtube Poop The Raccoon wouldn't stop asking for favors

And the bird has to pay for it.

Regular Show is a TV show on channel 49. It is about a bird and a raccoon doing stupid stuff. Kinda like SpongeBob, but for young teenagers.


Gwonam created the story in 1955. He tried to sell the rights to different companies (Filmation in 1984, Granada Television in 1989, in which the Granada version was planned to have Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie as the main characters, Dic in 1990, in which the Dic version was planned to have Johnathan Potts and John Erwin as the main characters, 4Kids and Disney), but they denied it for the following reasons (Filmation said it could ruin the original He-Man cartoon, Granada said Jeeves and Wooster are better, 4Kids said it was bad due to adult humor and needs to be Bowdlerized like there anime, while Disney said they were not in the market for adult animation), so Gwonam gave up the rights to J.G. Quintel, who finally started the series in 2010.



  • It is Link's favorite show, and the King's favorite animated TV show.
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