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Robo Ronald is a robot version of one of the most evil clowns in the world, Ronald McDonald to replace the original one after his death.


After Ronald was killed by Link and his company over a year ago, most of his parts where scattered around in space, which where eventually found by astronauts and took to the Robotronic Technology somewhere in America. Robo Ronald was a creation of two galaxy brain scientists, Mushments and Clesker, using the parts of it as test for his combat skills, its got jet boosters that can fly around at 55mph, can shoot a big energy projectile from his hand, analyzing objects with his eye sensors, and also being a good Hamburger cook. The project, dubbed "The Next Gen Clown" was finished 6 months later and show approved by many scientists from around the world, becoming some sort of superhero icon for Japan, which they call him Super Donald.


Robo Ronald has an identical appearance as his original self, except he has black eyes and red pupils.


Compared to his original version, he is more kind to people as well as helpful when he needed. Unlike the original where he does a whole month scrubbing on one of his restaurants' walls, Robo Ronald cleaned it in just 5 seconds.


  • When Robo Donald was created, he developed his own soul, meaning that Ronald's original one was possibly already consumed in Hell since his death.
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