Don't strive for peace.

Rodney "Guerrilla" Harkinian (1949–2019) is an older half-brother of King John Harkinian. He is a veteran of many conflicts and is probably the most warlike person in the Harkinian family.


Rodney Harkinian was born on April 7, 1949 to Clythia and Harold Harkinian. He enrolled in Warrior College at the minimum age of six, and while he found it boring, he stayed long enough to graduate. As a teenager, he heard news of the Vietnam War, so he ran away to Earth so he could fight in it. Since then, he has fought in the Hylian Civil War, the Rupee War, the Breakfast War, and the Form Wars. He finally died in the Poopocalypse, but not before he killed some trolls.


Rodney is very patriotic toward Hyrule and loves making its enemies die. He thinks King Harkinian's philosophy of striving for peace instead of war is laughable, but is still more than willing to fight for him.


His face and hair are nearly identical to those of King Harkinian, but he is much taller and much more heavily-built than the King. He also refuses to wear a shirt under any circumstances and tends to wear a red headband instead of a crown.

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