Ruigario hard at work.

Guiseppe "Ruigario" Video (1914–1962) is an insane Italian-American criminal who is the husband of Zaepy and the father of Mario and Luigi.


Ruigario was born in Italy as Guiseppe Mario to Buccio Mario, who took him to Brooklyn when he was still a child. During the immigration process, his last name was changed from "Mario" to "Video" for some reason. He wanted to go to college so he could become a scientist, but his family lost all their money during the Great Depression. He evaded the draft during World War II and joined a criminal organization, where he made and used massive amounts of drugs. In his spare time, he also tried experimenting on animals and corpses. Somewhat unsurprisingly, he ended up being an abusive father who would constantly attack his sons. In 1962, he and his wife where shot by members of the criminal organization for breaking one of their rules, there corpses where taken away shortly after the gundown.


  • He invented the pingas toaster. Don't ask.
  • Rumors that he was actually Billy Mays have been proven false, but he might be Billy Mays's father.
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