Anime Luigi
Anime Luigi at a cash register.
Vital statistics
Occupation Cashier (duh)
Name Ruiji
Age 27
Appearances The Great Mission to Rescure Princess Peach, Amada Animation Series, Super Mario World: Mario & Yoshi's Adventure Land, Super Mario's Fire Brigade, Mario Kirby Meisaku Video
Friends Anime Mario, Mama Luigi, Anime Yoshi
Enemies Manga Luigi
Hometown Japan
Relatives Anime Mario
Favorite Things Money, his shovel
Embodied Personalities Manga Luigi, Animanga Luigi, Ruijee

Ruiji, also known as Anime Luigi or Bizarro Luigi, is a form of Luigi who appears in Super Mario Bros: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! He dresses nothing like normal Luigi, and is said to be the Japanese version of Mama Luigi. His worst enemy is not Anime Bowser, but actually Manga Luigi. He appeared in Final Hours when King Harkinian warned him about the apocalypse. However, the king's predictions were wrong, so it may be presumed that he was mad. During the Form Wars, he broke his bond with Mama Luigi and started the Rebel Form Army, which fought pures, but also other forms. He survived the war, but nobody knows where he has been since.


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