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"I'm retarded."
Appearances The yellow sun is an abandoned Squadallah Burger.
Greater Location Africa?
Founded 1 July 1962
Ended 7 May 2036
Government Constitutional Republic
Population 11,262,564
Capital Kigali
Super carrot mario by spiderdany94-d3c5fqu-1-

The carrots that they usually eat look like this


The guy to the far left is Rwanda

YTP Mario won't shut up about KONY

YTP Mario won't shut up about KONY

This is about people who are fed up with "Kony." Well, Kony is actually Ugandan... whatever.

Rwanda is a North Korean country in Africa, with hotels and dinner. Rwanda is bordered with Canada 3.0. Rwanda is Wibzod II's favorite country as he went there on a vacation in 2020, and won a rope. King Harkinian dislikes Rwanda like he dislikes many sovereign nations, as he doesn't rule them.


The Rwandan genocide took 4 lives from Link, but he found a heart, so thankfully he didn't die.


Morshu imports and exports rope from and to Rwanda. Gwonam opened a Squadallah Burger in Rwanda in 2006, but the Rwandan people didn't like his disgusting food so he had to close shop in Rwanda and focus in his remaining store in Koridai, which also failed. People in Rwanda are usually poor, but they do have YouTube Poops, so can they really complain?


Rwanda isn't featured in any of the Civilization games. So it really shouldn't be a country.


Rwanda eats food, usually carrios. Rwanda seems to be very skinny, so Rwanda probably doesn't eat many carrios a day.



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