"Scatman" John Larkin
You will die.
Vital statistics
Occupation Scat-guy
Name "Scatman" John Larkin
Age 65 years (at death)
Appearances Music videos, Super Mario 64 Bloopers, YouTube Poop.
Friends Morshu, Mama Luigi
Enemies King Harkinian, Link, Fat Mario, Gay Luigi
Hometown El Monte, California, United States
Relatives None known.
Favorite Things Singing, crucifixion
Embodied Personalities John Scatman, Batman John.
"Scatman" John Larkin (1942–2007) is a musical man who hangs out in Hyrule Castle. He will often try to attack King Harkinian whenever he uses a dinner blaster. He will often try to shoot him to help keep him stable.



He's the Scatman!

"Scatman" John Larkin was born on March 13, 1942 and became a popular singer on Earth before he faked his death and moved to Hyrule in 1999. He met King Harkinian, who later hired Scatman to prevent him from using the newly-invented Dinner Blaster excessively. He failed at this in 2007, and the King was briefly lost. Before the King returned, Scatman disguised himself as the King and came up with a plot for Link to be crucified on a cross. He revealed himself and ordered for Link to die. After watching a YouTube Poop of the "Mama Luigi" episode, Scatman more specifically ordered Link to be crucified.

As Link was about to die, he screamed for help, drawing the attention of Fat Mario and Gay Luigi. After Mario and Luigi agreed to save Link, Scatman pulled out a cannon and fired at the brothers, but Mario deflected a projectile with his mirror. The blast hit the cannon, causing Scatman to fall into the water, which made the bros. think Scatman died. However, Scatman survived the crash and climbed up to the castle's balcony, stating, "You will Die!!!" and started breathing like Darth Vader, but Mario pulled out his secret weapon: TOAST! He threw it at Scatman's head, causing him to lose balance and plummet to his death. Scatman later escaped from the pit and became a ghost. His corpse was briefly revived as a zombie by Fake King during the Ephedia Civil War in 2025, although with black pupils due to not having a soul thanks to his ghost escaping it.



Scatman in Hyrule Hall.

Morshu's A Scatman

Morshu's A Scatman.png

Morshu often pretends to be the Scatman.

  • Morshu often pretends to be the Scatman.
  • He once was a pooper scooper. That's why he's called the Scatman.
  • He always wears a hat, even in the afterlife.
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