Can't a man have a bit of BUTT PIRACY?

Can't a man have a bit of BUTT PIRACY?

School is a place, where you go to learn. School's existed all through Hyrule, until the poopacolypse. Link doesn't like school so he keeps going on stupid quests.

King Harkinian and school

King Harkinian used to go to school, but not until he was 58, you see in his later days he felt like playing with children.


Bullies are a species of farm animals who rebelled against Impa. This led to Impa losing control of the field of poop wich is next to the trail to castletown, and because of that they now torment kids in schools who look like Blue Yoshi a.k.a the ugly ones.


  • Schools existed all through Hyrule.
  • Mah Boi whent to school, before he dropped out and joined a country band called "the pooplickers".
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