Screeb mansion

Weegee really does go there. Just look if you don't believe me.

Screeb Manor is a building on the edge of Hyrule City, Gomalan where Link lives.


Link collected a lot of rupees while fighting Ganon in the early 1990s, so after Ganon was defeated in Gamelon, Link decided to move out of Hyrule Castle. He bought some land and hired workers to build a mansion on it, not knowing that Weegee was planning to buy the exact same piece of land. Thus, Weegee has angrily haunted the place ever since.


  • Unlike Hyrule Castle, it's almost never seen in YouTube Poop. In fact, the one poop it did appear in has since been lost. Considering how often Hyrule Castle is destroyed in poops, Link doesn't mind this at all.
  • Luigi has offered to rid the place of Weegee, but Link hates Luigi, so he refused.
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