This article is about Robotnik's Rank "Scrub Monkey Third Class" For King Harkinian's ranking system, see Scrub .

Scrub Monkey Third Class is a rank for Dr. Robotnik's robots. It is The lowest rank, and any robot that has that rank must scrub the dungeon of Robotnik's lair, along with anything else. They also get no dinner, no bed, and no mind. Strange, isn't it?

I'm Demoting You to Scrub Monkey Third Class

I'm demoting you to Scrub Monkey Third Class!

Other Robotnik Ranks

  • Rank A: First Class Fighters (Mindless soldiers who are under the control of Robotnik. Fun.)
  • Rank B: Second Class Fighters (Fighters who have their own mind, are soldiers, and get paradise.)
  • Rank C: Worker Robots (Most of his robots are this. They work, fight, do missions, and get good to mediocre dinner and beds.)
  • Rank D: Scrub Monkey First Class (Mediocre Robots that scrub anything dirty, except dungeons and robots.)
  • Rank E: Scrub Monkey Second Class (Bad Robots that scrub anything dirty, except dungeons.)
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