The Second Hylian Civil War (2020 - 2030) was a conflict that started when, shortly after the Form Wars, Hylian leader Link was accused of being a form by Blue Yoshi. Although these suspicions were false, many Hylians believed them and became wary of allowing Link to keep the power he had gained during the war. The Poopocalypse of 2019 soon weakened the central government of Hyrule, and every state but Gomalan took this as an opportunity to declare their independence. Link was transforming into Evil Link by the following year, when he decided to fix the problem by conquering all of Hyrule in the name of his wife Zelda and her children. Link had pretty much won by the war's official end in 2030, but fighting continued until he finally destroyed the last resistance groups in 2040.

Namowg in Gwonam's X-wing
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