Sega Saturn Guy (35B Years ago-1998)

Sega Saturn Guy
The Grand Deity Himself
Vital statistics
Occupation A God
Name Sega Saturn Guy
Age ~35 Billion Years
Appearances Sega Saturn Infomercial
Friends Sonic, Tails
Enemies Weegee, Malleo
Hometown Japan
Relatives Sega Saturn Lady, Sonic
Favorite Things Killing Nintendo Fans
Embodied Personalities Sega Saturn Lady


Being a Grand Deity, the Sega Saturn Guy was born near the beginning of time, but not as close to the beginning as Weegee and Malleo. Speaking of Weegee, the fact that Weegee is used to represent Nintendo, while the Sega Saturn Guy was used to represent Sega began a bitter rivalry between the two as they competed for possible world domination. Alas around the creation of Greegee in the 1500's the Sega Saturn Guy decided to lay low for awhile. But in 1995, after the failure of the Sega-CD and Sega 32X, he decided to step in and create the Sega Saturn, hence his name, to help him restart his quest for world domination. Unfortunately, Weegee saw that Sega Saturn Guy had too much of a chance of overtaking him, and devised a plan. Weegee used close to all his power to form an alliance with Rolf, who Weegee assigned to bend reality in Weegee's favor, by forcing the Saturn to fail, which Sega Saturn Guy had invested all his godly energy into. In 1995, he also starred in the promo for CDi5 and Philips Codename: Pillow. In 1998 the Sega Saturn was cancelled, killing Sega Saturn Guy's physical form and sending his weakened spirit to forever roam Tykogi Tower.

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