Shadow giving his coolest face to his people.

Shadow is the gay friend of Zelda. He often fights aliens and other shitters by using guns in order to impress his crush. His father is literally an alien life form who tried to take over Mobius but failed. Today, Shadow lives in Gomalan where he works at Starbucks. He wastes most of his spare time on a never-ending search for that damn FOURTH Chaos Emerald.


16 - 1

It's not what it looks like.

One day, a messed up alien overlord called "Black Doom" raped an innocent woman. Nine months later, Shadow was born. After his birth, his mother put Shadow up for adoption where he was adopted by Dr. Robotnik.

Years later, Black Doom returned to Mobius and tried take over it but Shadow stopped him in order to impress Sonic. Shadow then learned that Black Doom was his father....Shadow shot him instantly because Black Doom never paid child support.

Shadow moved to Eluryh in 2006 after Sonic '06 was released because he realized that everyone at Sega had mental issues as soon as that game came out. He settled down in Gomalan and got a job at Starbucks. He eventually became good friends with Zelda.

In 2013, he met Shrek and started a romantic relationship with him. They eventually got married and had three children: they are ShrekinaShredow, and Shrek Jr.. In 2019, he was killed by trolls during the Poopocalypse, angering Shrek and causing him to sacrifice himself to destroy one of the troll ships. They now lived happily ever ogre in the cosmos.

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