Shaggy Meen is one of the strongest living creatures in the universe, behind King Harkinian and a few others. He once challenged Shrek, but it quickly became a stalemate due to their close to their equal power levels.


Early Life

Shaggy was born on January 1, 1980 to I.M. Meen and Ophelia Chill. He was always unnaturally strong, and could run at 10 miles per hour at 4 years old. He didn't learn to read, write, or speak until he was 5 years old, and he got a dog named Scooby Doo at 6. Scooby was bitten by a radioactive man (?) and he got the ability to talk. He is currently 23, and used to work at McDonald's because he challenged Ronald McDonald to a duel and lost.

Great Battle of Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald came back to Hyrule after seemingly being destroyed by Link, but he wasn't, and now he had two ancient treasures. Shaggy, knowing these were the Runes of Destruction, aided Link in fighting Ronald as he turned into a demon with the power of the Runes. He wanted to take his revenge on him.

Quest for Burger King


Shaggy in the court of the Burger King.

In recognition of Shaggy's efforts to destroy Ronald McDonald, Ronald's enemy the Burger King named him a knight of the Burger Kingdom and invited him over for a picnic some hamburgers. Unfortunately, Shaggy was unable to find his way through BK's poorly-designed and maintained castle, and he never got to eat any of the fast food he was promised.


Shaggy has ginger hair, a shaggy beard, and he always wears a green shirt and brown pants.

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Shaggy is hard headed, and he believes he is always the strongest. He is also a hippie. He also believes himself to be a god.


Shaggy reading this article.

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Are You Challenging Me?

Are You Challenging Me?

This is the last thing you see before you die.

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