Shaved King is a form of King Harkinian who had his beard and moustache shaved off by Link. He became a separate entity and ended up passing out when he read Link's bill. He then fell into a three-year long coma, during which he grew all the King's normal facial hair back, and finally woke up when Gwonam tried to shave it off again. Since then, whenever he grows his hair back, he shaves everyone else like some sort of zombie. Impa is very attracted to him.


Youtube Poop Short Shave the King

Youtube Poop Short Shave the King

The ugly barnacle!

Impa's infatuation with Shaved King made Weegee jealous, so during the Form Wars, Weegee manipulated the form leadership into involving Shaved King in the assassination of King Harkinian. Shaved King was tasked with growing his facial hair back so he could pretend to be the murdered Harkinian and undermine the pure armies from within. Shaved King successfully impersonated the King for some months, and in late 2015 he teamed up with Michael Rosen to do battle with I.M. Meen in Gamelon. While the real Harkinian had many prior dealings with Rosen and Meen, Shaved King had no idea who either of them were; Link and Zelda assumed the King was just suffering from memory loss due to drug and alcohol abuse, but Gwonam worried that something more sinister was afoot. Gwonam eventually remembered his previous encounter with Shaved King, and began leaving razors all around Hyrule Castle to test his suspicions. As a result, Shaved King soon lost control of his urges and started trying to shave everyone again. With his identity exposed, he was summarily executed.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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